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Membership Application

Education Information

Professional Information

All information will be Confidential, Securely Stored, and Disposed of Properly


Every HPAT member is asked to provide a total of THREE character references that will be checked. Please notify your references that you have listed them. Please provide ONE professional reference, ONE community reference, and ONE personal reference of someone that you have known for at least 2 years (please no family members, spouses, or significant others).

1. Professional Reference

2. Community References

3. Personal References


I                              hereby attest that all information is accurate and true and understand that supplying incomplete or inaccurate information may result in my denial and/or removal from HPAT. I also agree to inform the HPAT Secretary or Officers if any of the information on this document changes 

HPAT Conduct Standards

General Conduct: As representatives of the Hispanic Professionals Association of Tyler we must hold ourselves to the highest standard. Showing professionalism and respect for our community and acting at all times as if representing the entire organization is important to maintain respect for ourselves, our work, our programs, and HPAT as a whole.

I                              hereby agree to abide by all the above statements.

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

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